Saturday, October 9

Fall in Heber

We made a trip over to Heber Springs to see the Bradshaws. It had been a year since we had seen them. What a wonderful place to spend one of our first fall weekends. We usually go in the summer or the winter because Carly is busy with soccer in the Fall.
On Saturday we went to the football game to see Andrew (and Marty) in action. It has been a long time since I have seen some peewee football (they don't call it that anymore).

The Panthers won handily and we got to teach the kids several lessons due to the behavior of the coach on the other team. The song "Boys of Fall" came to mind numerous times especially the little interviews in the video where they keep stressing that they hope kids are having a good time. The coach on the other team stole that from his kids, and I hate that. Someone needs to encourage him to take up another pass time.

We headed back to the house to spend the afternoon and evening on the deck. It was a beautiful day to be outside...warm midday with big blue skies and lots of sunshine and then steadily cooling off until I was ready to put my hoodie on. The guys got busy grilling. Marty had the ribs going - nothing like the smell of the grill. Kenny whipped up some of his new favorite appetizers - I just realized that he needs to come up with a name for them.
As always, big fun in Heber.
Thank you Bradshaw's for making us feel at home
and letting us get away from it all
(including Sofie who had a nice visit at the doggie hotel).


Jill said...

Heber looks like a beautiful place!

That's really too bad that the coach was such a poor example. That would have stressed me out for sure.

Yummmm, meat!

Anonymous said...

Glad all enjoyed a week-end away...always makes things better to have fun.."all work and no play" gets old. Daddy is always telling me that! Does Carly have Monday off? LU, Mama