Thursday, June 7

2012: week 23

Carly spent the week
{a very HOT week}
at USM's tennis camp.
She has played a lot of tennis over the last 4 1/2 days

Today was the last day.
Carly got the award for
"Worked the Hardest".
Kenny and I told her that is the best award you can get.

As hot and tired as she was in the afternoons,
she was ready to go again the next morning.
I don't think she was ready for it to be over,
and she wants to go back next year.


Jill said...

I'm always impressed that you all continue to function outside in all that heat and humidity!!

patsy said...

ditto - to what Jill said!

That is the best award you can get!!!

Natasha said...

That is awesome Carly and truly IS the best type of award!

Melinda said...

I a, always telling my kids they want to be the hard workers. Way to go Carley!