Thursday, May 31

2012: week 22

The last couple of weekends we have taken advantage of 
one of Hattiesburg's assets...
the Longleaf Trace.
It is a rails to trails program. 
They have taken an old railroad bed and made it a trail for walking and cycling.
I think the whole thing is like 30 miles.
The good thing is you can park at different "depots"
so you can explore different sections.

We have spent hours together as a family
without a TV in sight.
Carly even got a new bike.
Now if I could figure out a shuttle system to pick me up
when I ride too far from the truck!


patsy said...

This place is gorgeous- and looks like a lot of fun.
I love biking on flat trails- so much fun.

Natasha said...

We have a railway trail here too, ours is the Tamany Trace. I'm using Eliot as my excuse not to ride much this summer!