Friday, May 25

2012: Week 21

Our wonderful home for 11 years. 
What wonderful memories were made there!
My sweet baby girl had many firsts there.
We spent some great times with friends and family
both inside and out.
The fire pit and rope swing have seen a lot of action.
But today, I can say that I no longer own it.
It's bittersweet,
but time.


Natasha said...

I don't know if I've ever sen an outside pic but I did always admire your beautiful kitchen from photos!

So glad it sold though. I was hoping that's why you went ahead and moved. Are you renting your new place? I'm sure it's both exciting and stressful all at once.

Jill said...

A home is such an incredibly personal thing that it's hard to process the feelings involved with leaving it. My parents just sold their house of 13 years and will be leaving in a couple weeks, and that will be weird for us all.

patsy said...

So pretty ~
I don't think I've seen the outside before?
Change- it's hard.
Thinking of you!!