Tuesday, June 8

just a little friendly competition

{field day 2010}

{ball toss - Carly wanted to be in the hippity hop relay.
But due to the fact her last name comes at the end of the alphabet,
she ended up doing the ball toss. She told this fact to anyone who would listen.
I think she might have still been upset when she went up to throw the ball
because she launched it further than anyone else by double.
The blue ribbon might have helped appease her!}
{blue ribbon #1}
{taking a break in the shade}
{event #2 tug-of-war}
{red team: abby, victoria, carly, kacie, georgie, lauren}
{blue ribbon #2}


Celeste said...

How great is that.....
So proud of her.

Jill said...

How funny that she was able to channel her frustration into a victory!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

well, we know she would have won the blue ribbon in the hippity hop ball contest so now she knows she can win at the ball toss too.