Monday, June 21

queens of the court

This spring my friend Ginny talked me into playing doubles with her in a beginner tennis league. I think we ended up 1-7. We had a fabulous time, and it was nothing if not therapeutic. We love having an evening that we can get out of the house and enjoy some girl time. The "beginner" league ended up being 2.5 and 3.0 ranked players. Ginny and I don't have a ranking and have played very little tennis, we are probably more like 2.0's but we faked (not very well) a 2.5!
This summer, the league was labeled a 5.5 combo league which means you and your partner's rankings should add up to 5.5. Guess what? we don't even get close to adding up. In fact, I tried to lobby for us having a third player that might help us add up to 5.5.
But Monday is our night, our night out of the house, our night to enjoy girls time, our night to make new friends, our night to laugh, our night to have fun, our night to think we might actually win this week! ha! ha!
Ginny just texted me that she would pick me up. So off to the courts I go!
Then she told me "go get my game face on".
I might need to go find it. I'm not sure where I left it last.


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I admire someone who can hit a tennis ball with a racket.

Sadly, I cannot.

Once when Fisherhubby and I were dating, he thought he'd teach me to play as he LOVES it and it would be a fun thing to do together.

After about five minutes of attempting to teach me, he came over on my side of the net, took my racket away from me, looked me in the eyes and said, "You canNOT play tennis. Never try again."

I can't and I didn't.


Jill said...

How fun! I think my ranking is about a .5 so I'd need way more than 3 people to help me out.

Keetha said...

I think you're selling yourself short - I bet you're great!

Good luck. :-)

Ginny said...

Fun times! As my husband said..."Ya'll are like the Serena sisters..." ????? Whatever, it is fun. Thanks for being my partner, KS!!