Thursday, March 1

2012 = week 9

These 3 boxes are my very organized
private practice charts from the last 12 years.
Just the organizing this week was hard work!
It was a nostalgic walk.
I didn't count how many charts there were.
Some kiddos I saw just once for an evaluation
and some kiddos I saw for years.
There are several sets of siblings.
Did you know that you have to keep
pediatric medical records until the child turns 21?
I only found one child that has turned 21.
There are several with birthdates in the early 90's.
But most, I realize that I will need to keep until after Carly turns 21.
That seems like a LONG way off!


patsy said...


This is seriously great organization. I have loved Trent's speech therapists, but I still wish you could have been his :)

I know You are GREAT at it, just know it!

Natasha said...

Oh I can relate!