Thursday, February 9

2012 = week 6

This was the final week of the 2012 basketball season.
The tournament started on Monday at Saint Louis Catholic School.
Monday, we beat Grace St. Luke.
Tuesday, we beat Immaculate Conception.
and tonight, we beat Saint Francis for the 6th grade championship!!
Carly had her 3 best games of the season!
I told her that it was definitely the time to have them.
She got aggressive - scoring, rebounding, blocking shots, getting steals
and playing awesome defense.
Way to go Carly!!
I am tired but had so much fun.
I love those girls.


Anonymous said...

WE love our little girl and big girl...Great Job Carly. How did Mama keep the books for jumping up and down? Tell all the girls and the coaches good job from us. Love, G'daddy and Mam-Mam

Anonymous said...

I am sooo very excited and overcome with emotions as I reflect on how proud I am of my daughter and these beautiful girls (manly nod to the coaches)!! I can't express it in words. So Freddie Mercury, hit it!!!......Weeeeee are the champions, my friends...(duh..duh..duh.....duh) and weeeeeee'll keep on fiiighting til the end...(DAH..DAH..DAH) Weeeeeee are the champions...WEEEEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!....NOOOOO TIME FOR LOOOOSERS...CAUSE WEEEEE ARE THE CHAAAMPIONS..(DAH.DAH)......OF THE WORLD!!!!!!

Melinda said...

Way to go Carly! This is really exciting!