Saturday, February 11

basketball photo montage

{5th & 6th grade basketball pep rally} {half time talk during the championship} {Carly shutting out #53 - her defensive goal for the night} {st Frances game #2} {strategy and prayer} {saint louis game #2} {harding game #2} {pep talk from Coach Stephen after excellent play in Harding game} {way to go #31} {Great season girls! 12 & 3! Winner of the Championship Tournament!}


Melinda said...

These are really great pictures! I need to take our good camera to the kids games to get some shots. My iPhone isn't working out so well.

Natasha said...

Great pics, she looks so happy!

Luci's school's soccer season runs same time as basketball so she had to choose this year. She went with soccer. The team is 5th,6th,7th,8th grade BOYS though with only 4 girls so Luci hasn't had much playing time. I told her that when she is in 8th grade she'll appreciate that more!

Love carly's shoe laces!!