Tuesday, February 7

teaching her young

Without company and without Kenny,
I thought Carly and I might need something
to keep Carly and I interested in the Super Bowl game.
So I made us a score grid,
called Kenny, and we all picked out squares.
I didn't want actual prizes or money.
So, I made a list of "prizes" that mostly
allowed the winner to make choices. Choice of activity, choice of chore,
and choice of menu.
Turns out the best prize was
me winning complete control of the car radio for the week.
Carly really did not like giving up control of the music.
80's music all week!

1 comment:

Natasha said...


All we listen to in our car these days is Raffi's Greatest Hits and Wee Sing Bible songs so I guess you could say Eliot controls our car music!!