Saturday, January 29

holding court

MamMam and Kacey were up for the weekend.
We all missed you G'daddy (especially Kenny!)
A weekend mixed with birthday fun and basketball fun.
Saturday's game, the 3rd this week, was at home against St. Louis.
Throw in a practice and we are one worn out family!
I am the "official" book keeper for home games which explains why there are NO basketball pictures this season. But thanks to Kacey, we got some good ones today.
Playing a little defense.
I've been telling Carly for years that she should play like that is HER ball and someone stole it from her on the playground. I think she is starting to believe it.

By halftime, we were up by 5 and looking like we were ready to be in control. Coach Stephen was trying to get them all on the same page which is a difficult job.


Carly getting good post positioning.


Fouled on the shot and shooting 2.

Getting pointers from Coach Dad.

Good game girls! - final score 25-13.

Not only were MamMam and Aunt Kacey here for the game, but a whole cheering section of friends! We really appreciate all you guys who took your Saturday morning to come and cheer Carly on! What a fantastic final home game.


Dawn said...

I hope they won. She looks like a natural! Love the pic of Kenny talking to her.

Kim Sue said...

Hey Dawn, Sorry you made it by before I realized that I had posted the pictures before I had written the rest of the post. oops! Always glad you came by and let me know you were here! Hope you guys are having a good weekend!

patsy said...

Good game!
They totally blew them out of the water!

Nice cheering section too- fun times

Jill said...

She looks like a serious jock!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

glad a few pictures turned out... i enjoyed getting to watch her play! Just another reminder how much she is growing up..