Monday, January 24

snapshot of life

monday night, january 24, 8:00p.m: finally homework time after basketball practice, a shower and dinner!

Almost forgot how to get through a Monday. Here we are Monday, January 24th and it was Carly's first Monday to go to school since the New Year. They returned to school on Tuesday 4th. She was out for a snow day on the 10th. Then they were out of school for MLK day on the 17th. Which also means that she has not gone 5 days in a row since the new year. Last week she only went 3. Any bets on how this week will go? I'm going to remain positive but am stocking up on chocolate chip cookies. And, don't be surprised if you see me making a late night run to Sonic.


Keetha Broyles said...

We missed days here and there like that last year when I was still teaching in Indiana. I LOVED those shortened weeks!!! Seems like when the days are long, the very LEAST one can ask for is a shortened school week!

Here - - - there is snow on the ground ALL winter, I bet we've got 15 inches out there and more coming AND these hardy northwoods kids haven't missed even ONCE for weather.

Anonymous said...

All I want for January is a dry playground! My little ones need to play in the sun...Mama

Natasha said...

Neat picture! I loved these snapshots that aren't posed.