Sunday, January 16

best little 5th grade Christmas chapel program

Carly has chapel each week at school. Most weeks there is a devotion and singing. Sometimes there is a guest speaker like a missionary. About once a month, a grade is responsible for chapel. This year 5th grade was responsible for December.
They did a Christmas alphabet. They took their letters home and decorated them. Carly painted "donuts". I tried to tell her that most people called them olives but she stuck with donuts. She was "V" for virgin. I can't remember her line. I should have written it down.
They all look mad or bored but I'm going to say those are "reverent" faces
since Mary and Joseph were saying their parts.
Carly told me later that she couldn't wear that shirt anymore if I was going to be taking pictures because not only did it look like she only owned one shirt. It also looked like she only owned one shirt for 2 years since it is notable in last year's Christmas pictures too.
She does make a good point.
MamMam and G'daddy made it for the program.
We decided that not only have they made all of her chapel programs
but that it is always really cold.
Carly and her buddies. Miss MM missed it because she had the flu.

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