Friday, February 4

Five minute Friday

Carly's birthday was this week. She has been celebrating since last Friday. First there was a visit by MamMam and Aunt Kacey with lunch at Fox and Hound and AnnOlivia cupcakes. Then Nonna and D came for Sunday lunch at La Siesta.
Tuesday was the actual day. She had birthday morning with Kenny and I including presents and donuts. I brought lunch to her (she chose Wendy's) and ate with her in the cafeteria (a true act of love) . She chose sub sandwiches and apple pie for birthday dinner.
Thursday was her birthday afternoon with friends. We ate lunch at Subway. Headed to Tunica for a group tennis lesson. Back to the house for birthday cake and ice cream. Later, I fed them pizza.
Carly has had a fabulous week. I, on the other hand, have gained 5 pounds.


chloe said...

NO one celebrates like you all! and I may have gained 5 lbs. just reading about it!

what are friends for?

patsy said...

that was me-

Tasha said...

The 5 lbs you'll loose in no time! Sounds like a great week!