Monday, April 12

the {stupid} bunny did come

About this time last year is when Carly found the final evidence that proved in her words "that there was no stupid bunny". But considering the stupid bunny visits everyone at mom & dad's, it is no big surprise that the fun didn't stop with Carly's new revelation.
The stupid bunny filled all our baskets including Carly's with lots of fun goodies.
Mine had a super cute "heart of the delta" necklace, monogrammed makeup bag, money for flowers to plant in my front door planters, new gardening gloves, an iTunes gift card, cute spring napkins, fun paperclips and pens, and like always necessities of shaving gel, razors, and a toothbrush!
I have the smallest Easter basket of the whole crew and it is looking a little pitiful these days. Someone made the comment that it was not too bad to have made it through 37 Easters. That is when my mom volunteered that it might have been through a few more since it was "vintage" when she bought it for me!
Even though it was sprinkling,
Carly went outside to find the eggs that the "stupid" bunny had hidden.
In the past, before the gig was up, Carly was allowed to tear into her Easter basket when she woke up, but we made her wait with the rest of us until after church. Carly's basket was loaded as usual. The "stupid" bunny must not have taken offense. She had a couple new spring shirts, a swimsuit, pj's, and a tennis shirt. There was a new book and Doodlebug stickers. A bouncy ball, "sweet" soap, melty art, new peace ear buds, and some junkie candy that only the Easter bunny and Santa Claus get away with buying!


Dawn said...

The "stupid" bunny was good to Carly! She is so beautiful...she really has grown.

Jill said...

I wish the "stupid bunny" brought me good stuff like this!

patsy said...

dang- I too wish the "stupid bunny" came to me!!

I can't believe how grown up she is in that last photo!??

Natasha said...

I think Luci has her doubts too but she played along at least for one more time this Easter.

Celeste said...


Tasha said...

She is beautiful! Happy very late easter!

Lene said...

I wish your "stupid bunny" came to my house!