Friday, November 19

basketball season is here

A couple of weeks ago, Carly tried-out and made her school's 5th grade basketball team. They have been practicing 3 times a week from 7:30-9:00 (how crazy is that?) and today they scrimmaged the 6th grade team. It was a little rocky but it was good for them to shake the jitters. Their first game is the Monday after Thanksgiving. They will be playing other schools in our conference which will mean some traveling to away games. Plenty more to come from the basketball court!


Jill said...

That's rather amazing that her school has a 5th grade team, that they had to try out for it, and that they have away games!

Natasha said...

How cool for her to play for her school! Griffin's b-ball practice doesn't start until 7;30 as well which I think is crazy late for 7 year olds!

libba said...

way to go carly!