Tuesday, November 23

We had Thanksgiving lunch at Mom & Dad's today {Tuesday},
so the hunters can go to the woods for a few days. Kacey brought us all happies. How cute are they?
Carly and I dressed alike
{since it got so warm, it was literally our coolest outfits} Carly showing Finn the blog on my iPhone.
What do you think she thinks about that technology? Amazing to think what she has seen in her lifetime!
Daddy filling his plate with Thanksgiving goodness
{chicken, dressing, sweet potato casserole, butter peas, cranberry sauce and roll}
Carly and Aunt Donna Sue waiting on everyone to serve themselves.


patsy said...

wHAT A wonderful family!
It's warm??
We had a blizzard today- not the Dairy Queen kind ;)

I've never had butter peas!?

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!

You wouldn't believe how CRAZY people are about hunting up here in this here neck of the woods!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

fun day and great food.

Jill said...

Those are cute ornaments from Kacey!

I think it's cool that you've been celebrating all week and that you are able to get together with both sides of the family, plus have time to spare!

Anonymous said...

Good food and great family time!
Love everybody!
Aunt Donna Sue