Monday, November 14

watch out for the wildcard

My tennis team was awarded a wildcard slot to play in the
Mississippi state tennis tournament.
So this weekend, I got to spend a long weekend with friends in Jackson
enjoying tennis, beautiful weather, and girl time!
We were 4 and 1 which was not enough to make the finals,
but it was tons of fun.
I am so thankful that I got a chance to spend this time with these girls
having fun, making new friends and getting to know each other better.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh wow! What a great thing to do. What a really great thing to do.

patsy said...

HOly MOley!!
It snowed here this weekend!

What a fun time -- good for you guys!

Melinda said...

It looks sounds like a really fun weekend. I am so glad you got to get away and enjoy yourself.

Natasha said...

How fun!