Friday, December 30

christmas in Silver City

This was the first time in eleven years that we were not at home Christmas Eve,
but with us spread out on opposite ends of the state, we decided this worked best.
Carly opened her 3 Christmas Eve presents -
book, nativity scene piece (sitting camel), and pajamas.
She declared to everyone, any chance she got,
that she knew what was in that 3 present bundle.
I told her after 11 Christmas's that she should know!
Santa came as usual, bearing lots of goodies wrapped in "santa" paper.
Santa didn't forget Sofie and even added Cheerio treats for Buck.
Santa brought cowboy boots along with
new purple crocs, a tennis outfit, books, an alarm clock,
iTunes gift cards, word game books,
and graphic coloring books with markers.
Carly asked for make-up, and Santa came through.
He brought some moisturizer, concealer with sponges,
lip gloss, nail polish, and tweezers.
Santa loves surprises and
this year he brought Carly an email address.
I don't know how long the thrill will last but
so far it is the hit of the holidays.
We had family present opening on Christmas afternoon.
Can you tell we love wrapping paper?
Kacey won the prize for the largest boxes.
I love those two! Aunt Kacey and Uncle Rocky gave Carly 2 pieces of Vera Bradley to match her duffel. She got a small duffel and a "makeup" bag (also on the wish list). MamMam and G'daddy gave Carly a new Northface coat (on her list), cake decorating supplies, and MamMam painted her this super cute study board.
. Aunt Donna Sue and Unc gave Carly some shopping money. She has already spent a little (miracles do happen) on some much needed clothes!
Late afternoon, we got to do stockings! We love stockings, can you tell?

I was going to say, "me with the 2 most spoiled of the group", but I think we all are!



Anonymous said...

It was a good Christmas...way toooo much food! Thanks for being in Silver City with us. Mam-Mam

Natasha said...

Luci is all about Vera Bradley, clothes, and shoes too!

She got the Vibram Five Finger shoes at her "big" item this year.

Like Carly, she is really growing up...but I am glad she still got (and wanted) a doll this year too.

Looks like a fun Christmas.