Thursday, December 29

countdown: the final days

Day 15: new Christmas puzzle
I'm beginning to wonder if the puzzle should just be a gift to myself.
I enjoyed it a lot more than Carly did.
Day 16: an art activity for Clarksdale
Carly got these wooden ornaments
for her and JC to color and hang on Nonna's tree.

Day 17: a container of nail polish remover pads

The Saturdays when we are out of town

are hard to accomplish activities.


Day 18: Make gift tags

Each year Carly makes gift tags

to put on her presents to grandparents, aunts and uncles

(typically the photo calendars that we make in which she is the star).

This year she made button trees on hanging tags.

They turned out super cute and nothing like I was imagining.

(the traditional one in the foreground is the one I made)

Day 19: decorate a gingerbread house

Last year, after Christmas, I must have been feeling very industrious

when I bought this gingerbread VILLAGE on clearance!

I think we will go back to a traditional house next year

even though Carly said she had fun.


Day 20: tennis clinic with friends

Carly and some friends went to Tunica foran indoor tennis clinic.

It ended up being 2 days which was great.

Carly was glad to get on the court even though she was sore afterwards.

It had been a while since she played.

Day 21: making Christmas sweets

Carly chose and made

gingerbread cookies, oreo balls, and white trash.

I made chocolate toffee.


Day 22: a Christmas doodle book for the trip

It was a hit,

maybe more with me and MamMam,

but it was fun.

I packed it up in the Christmas stuff for more drawing next year.


Day 23: Cooking with MamMam

They made a Hershey Pie.

I would add the recipe here, but I don't have it.

Something about 26 marshmallows.

We will just call it a family secret.

Day 24: a pair of cute striped fuzzy socks


Day 25: card game

The last box is always a game to add to our collection.

This year Carly got Phase 10.

We haven't gotten to play much yet,

but I'm looking forward to keeping a running game going!


Melinda said...

I am amazed with all that you do for the holidays! You really have a lot of fun traditions!

Natasha said...

I love the button tree gift tag idea! I will have to try and re-create that, Luci would have fun with it.

I know I am always saying this but you are such a fun mom! We made some crafts from the papersource catalog (paper mittens on a garland, construction paper cardinals, etc) and gingerbread cookies but that was the extend of my crafting with kids for December.

Lene said...

Phase 10 is one of our favorite games.

We got a Christmas puzzle this year and it still hasn't been opened.