Thursday, December 8

the countdown begins

Life might be crazy but it goes on!
It's December and the countdown box is out.
Here is the first week's fun.
Day 1: "Paint your nails" with a new bottle of glittery purple nail polish
Day 2: "a new Christmas T-shirt"
Day 3: "unpack your nativity scene"
Day 4: "bake for your teachers"
We made mini loaves of egg nog pound cake,
wrapped them all cute,
and delivered all 16!

{thanks doodlebugspaper for super cute stickers}

Day 5: "Go to the Christmas Parade"
For the first time since we started doing the countdown box,
Hernando's Christmas Parade was cancelled due to rain.
Carly talked me into going to Starbucks for an apple cider instead.
Day 6: "Go for a special after school snack"
Carly chose chips and cheese dip at the Mexican resturaunt.
Day 7: "Act of Service: Buy and take supplies to the animal shelter"
This is the first year that I have incorporated service into the countdown box.
We bought dog & cat food, dog & cat treats, and dog & cat toys.
Carly tried her best for us to leave with a cat-
begging, pleading, trying to make me feel sorry for her, bribery, even a guilt trip.
It didn't work.


patsy said...

It's wonderful to see you blogging again... even though it's only been a couple of weeks- you were missed.

Great ideas here--
MOm of the year! for real.
SO GLAD you didn't come home with a cat- seriously, that's the last thing you need right now!

Natasha said...

These are all fun activities. Luci loves Starbucks too, no surprise. I am impressed you put all this together!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

i will give the child a cat for christmas... a playmate for sofie

libba said...

Bella's been great! ;)