Monday, October 24

happy fall, ya'll

We have had a few weeks of fabulous fall weather!
There have been a couple of winter-like and then summer-like,
but overall perfectly fall-like.
And all I can say is, "bring on some more!"
Carly passed out a few fall happies -
New Orleans pralines
all cute with
Doodlebugs Stationery!


Jill said...

I love good Fall weather! We've been having some too and it's glorious!

a.k.a happy heart mom said...

Love it!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

turned out cute!!! What are yalls plans the next few weekends??

Natasha said...

okay Kenny working in New Orleans now? I keep trying to guess where he moved that would be 300 miles away?! The suspense is killing me. (If you posted where, I missed that.)

Natasha said...

Luci has been telling me lately that if she's not accepted to Yale, her safety school is USM. :-)