Friday, October 28

Five Minute Friday


  • Last night at 9:00, I opened the refrigerator for a little diet coke, and decided that I couldn't stand how icky it was one more second. At 11:00, it was all sparkly and shiny and leading me to ask, "how does all that ick get inside my refrigerator?" or maybe the question should be "realistically, how often should I be wiping out the inside?" Mom, you don't' have to answer that.

  • When you avoid Walmart shopping for long enough, you start to run out of everything. And when you give in and go to what I like to call The Heart of Darkness, you can spend $150 dollars without buying anything fun at all. Well there was a couple bags of Halloween candy. That's fun.

  • I'm feeling a little down about Halloween. I really like Halloween. The start of Fall. The start of the holiday season. Fun family time. Pumpkins. Cute witches and ghosts. Combining orange, lime green and purple. First of all, it has really snuck (is that a word?) up on me. Then there is the fact that I forced myself only to get a few fall type decorations out so that the house didn't look cluttered (if someone actually comes to look at the house).Then I decided not to try and have guests Halloween night - without Kenny here, because it is a Monday night, blah, blah. But the tipping point is not really knowing what to do with Carly? Too old for costume and trick-or-treating? Really not wanting to give in and stay home and hand out candy?

  • Yeah!! Kenny is coming home for the weekend. Should I still say he is coming "home"? It is home until someone else decides they want it to be their home. Then I will pack all our junk and actually hire a mover. Until then, he is coming "home".




Dawn said...

Sorry you are feeling down about Halloween. Hopefully with Kenny coming home this weekend, you will cheer up. Tell him Hello from us. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...


Jill said...

I feel the same way about my refrigerator and don't understand how it gets scummy, especially because I tend to wipe up the unsightly things I see happen as I see them.

I spent $99 at Wal-Mart the other day and still can't figure out how that happened because I came home with such a random bunch of items and nothing fun except candy as well.

I don't think Carly is too old to trick or treat!

Natasha said...

I hope your home sells soon for you. I know that's a hard place to be in life. It seems like you are really making the best of it though.

My fridge is in need of a good cleaning for sure!