Thursday, September 6

My Reads

I love to read....the newspaper, magazines, blogs, especially books. It frequently amazes me that other people do not, like my husband, for instance. I have tried on numerous occasions to convert him - no luck. The last book he read (and finished) was bought for entertainment on a airplane. He only finished it because I made a comment about him searching SO hard for the right book in the airport bookstore. It just seemed like a whole lot of effort for a book that he would only finish the first couple chapters of. So, he finished it with a "I'll show you". I read it one weekend that he was out of town (yes, he went out of town without it - I don't leave the house without the book I'm reading. Who knows when you will have a few minutes?) just to make sure it wasn't that he picked a stinker of a book. Nope. It took so long to finish that I do not know how he remembered what he had read? I digress.
Last month, my friend Keetha challenged me to keep (and share) a list of books I read. She just posted her August list here. After you check out mine, you should check out hers. She is an amazingly fast reader, and our reading tastes are very different. My book choices lean heavily toward murder-mystery..defined by my sister as "someone dies on the first page and they spend the whole book trying to figure out who did it".
Memory Keepers Daughter - this falls outside my genre' but I liked it. I work with kids with special needs so the fact that the story revolves around a little girl with Down Syndrome probably made it more appealing to me.

The Overlook - I really like Michael Connelly, usually. Ten Dollar Bill and Lincoln Lawyer were both very good, but this one was not. It lacked a little something or maybe a lot of something. It felt like his publisher's deadline had passed and he had to publish a book? Skip this one.

In Cold Blood - I read this a long time ago, probably high school and again in college and really liked it. Recently I read Innocent Man by John Grisham and it reminded me of In Cold Blood so I read it again. I liked it again.

Here for You - I occasionally like to read a nonfiction book. It makes me feel like I am trying to better myself. I have read financial, political, religious, self improvement, but typically my choices are about parenting. This book is written by a pair of moms that work for Focus On The Family. It is a book about mother-daughter relationships with a christian base.

Nancy Drew #1 - This read was a preview because I thought Carly would be interested. She asked me about Nancy Drew after she saw a commercial for the movie. This was the updated version. But besides talk about cell phones and computers, it was what I remember about the older version.

Cross - by James Patterson If you have read others in the Alex Cross series, you will like it. It adds more to the ongoing story. I think these character series that I like probably snag me like soap operas do for other people. I like the ongoing attachment to characters.

4 comments: said...

YUCK!! Not a single one I would even touch.. well maybe Nancy Drew :o)
I agree about being amazed that people don't read! I am so behind I feel upset that I have so many books that are just sitting there and I can not keep up!

Natasha said...

I'll have to suggest the Nancy Drew to Luci.

Anonymous said...

Well for the record, it amazes me that some people are unable to enjoy the comedic genius of the classic Saturday Night Live casts. How can you not belly-laugh at guys like Belushi or Farley? How can a person not absolutely love Caddyshack, The Jerk or Fletch? And what about horror flicks? Halloween, Friday the 13th (original version of course), Jaws, The Exorcist! If you want my attention, cut somebody's head off or feed them to a big fish! That's entertainment! The Godfather - enough said. If a book is good enough, it will be made into a 2-hour movie. Why waste days, weeks, or months in my case, when you can get the big-screen version with special effects in under 2 hours? Kenny

P.S. Hunting magazines do count as reading material.

Keetha said...

Kenny, in the history of movies and mankind I don't think there has ever been a film based on a book that was worth a flip. Just saying.

Kim Sue, thanks for sharing the boook recs! I'm glad to read them.

I still have all the Nancy Drew books from when I was little. I need to revisit the newer ones, too.

This is the second time I've posted a comment. My computer did something strange and I lost the first one. It was much more interesting than this but now I can't remember what I said! lol