Saturday, January 17

Happy Birthday Kacey!

{realize that Kacey and I do not take pictures together? But here is one of my favorite of her and Carly - Easter 2007}
31 Random Thoughts about Kacey
  1. super creative
  2. makes great stationery
  3. excellent teacher
  4. loves "her" kids
  5. super generous aunt
  6. gives great gifts
  7. loves cold pizza for breakfast
  8. gave up sodas
  9. makes the best tea
  10. and desserts
  11. and sausage balls
  12. but pretends she doesn't cook
  13. she always brings the paper products
  14. doesn't like tomatoes
  15. or sea food
  16. a bargain finder
  17. loves sonic ice almost as much as me
  18. loves cute pink pigs
  19. and cute frogs
  20. but not real frogs
  21. loves magazines
  22. and books
  23. but not books where someone dies
  24. can find just about anything on the internet
  25. does not talk on the phone
  26. has lots of fleece
  27. and pajama bottoms
  28. and fleece pajama bottoms :o)
  29. likes to watch Dancing with the Stars
  30. Sex in the City
  31. and vintage Cosby Show


Keetha said...

Happy birthday, Kacey

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Kacey!

Why don't you have pictures of you two together?

She doesn't talk on the phone?

Laurie said...

What I fun list! I love it.

Happy birthday to Kacey!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

great list! I think you nailed everyone of them! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

JD said...

Happy birthday kacey!

Anonymous said...

That why we love her so much...GREAT ICE TEA!!!!! Happy Birthday #2-daughter.

Bren's Life said...

Happy Birthday Kacey. I have seen her cute stuff that Linda has gotten & love it. Why don't you guys take pictures together?

patsy said...

great list-
I hate talking on the phone too- you don't take pictures together? is there a story behind that?

happy birthday!!