Tuesday, February 3

birthday visitors

Nonna and D came to town to take the birthday girl (and her parents) out for lunch. We went back to La Siesta for a little Mexican food. They surprised Carly by bringing her friend Miss M with them.
There was more present opening.
Miss M brought Carly a cupcake shaped bath fizz. D's card for Carly had a little spending money in it. There was also some really cute tennis outfits, a rain jacket, and a gift certificate to Books-a-Million.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Kim Sue, that picture with Nonna, D and Carly is priceless. I love the color of your walls, too!

Rhonda said...

Way sweet. I didn't put it together that Carly and Elijah are only one year apart in age. I too have a birthday this week! (shhhhhh.....it's on Friday) We "February babies know how to love!"

Jill said...

Does she know she's a very lucky girl?

michelle said...

Nothing's quite as good as being spoiled by your grandparents!