Monday, February 16

love bugs, hearts and candy

I had volunteered to lead the Valentine Party. That is when I realized that it was the same day as the chapel program. Which meant that mom was going to be here. Which meant SHE could lead the art activity! So, MamMam was the star visitor at the Valentine Party. She brought the idea and supplies to make love bugs. They turned out super cute and it was really fun to see all the kids personalities in their art. .


Of course, there were mail bags full of cards and treats. Carly wanted to "buy" valentines this year. So she took Pixie Stik Valentine cards. I tried to tell her that we could make them that in fact I had made them before but she wanted to "buy" her cards.



As much as I love good mail, I guess I have to understand how much fun it is to dig in that bag of goodies from their classmates.



Carly and her friend, Miss C


patsy said...

my kids always want to buy their valentines too!
When megan was little I finally gave in & haven't looked back- although everytime I see the darling homemade ones I am envious.

I love valentines!

Jill said...

I support buying Valentines because it's so much easier. I bought the Fun Dip Valentines for the kids to give weeks in advance so all they had to do was write their names on them. They were thrilled!

It's so great that your mom was there for the party and came up with the lovebug craft.

linda said...

Those were the days weren't they! Looks like Carly's Valentine's Day party was a complete success, especially with MamMam there too!

Patti said...

Im sure Carly was very proud to have her MamMam there!!

Cecilia said...

How awesome that you Mom was there to help! I love the lovebug craft idea!

Keetha said...

I know those kids loving having your mom there!

Jenn said...

I love those premade valentines. They're so representative of what's going on in kids' culture for the year!
Thank you so much for the cute ladybug valentines. it's hanging on my fridge and I smile at it everyday! thank you!♥

Alisa said...

Thank you for my lovebug! IT was such a fun surprise in the mail!