Tuesday, May 19

field day

A couple of weeks ago, Carly came home and told me that they had been "practicing" field day events in PE. She talked about how well she did in this event and that. Then she came home a couple of days before field day and said "guess what I'm doing in field day?" Tug-of-war and Hippity Hop? "How did you know?" Because that is what you have done the last 2 years!
{hippity hop relay team}
A couple of years ago, after the first hippity hop race, Carly asked Santa for a hippity hop ball. Specifically she wanted a BIG hippity hop ball like the one at field day. Santa came through and Carly got her very own hippity hop ball which was a huge hit.
Having your very own hippity hop ball to practice on might be stacking the deck? Carly was the first leg. She was cracking me up. The other teams had not made the turn when she finished her leg! Forget baseball or tennis or basketball, we seriously need a school hippity hop relay team. We would ROCK! Needless to say, the team finished strong and won first!
I love to watch the tug-of-war. The kids are great but the parents & teachers cheering are even more fun! Carly's team won another blue ribbon.
**thanks Ginny for letting me hijack your camera
since I left mine at home and then
making me a disk...you're the best!


patsy said...

I love her competitive nature!

I always wanted one of those balls- my friend had one- a red one- she had everything!

i forgot to tell you a week or so ago my husband finished that book- he said he liked it so so because of the crime was such a horrible one- something like that. He didn't like those details coming up over & over.

Jill said...

The thought of training for field day is hilarious to me. Your field day must be more elaborate than ours. We just have 5 stations the classes rotate through and they're all just fun games (more birthday party-like than competitive).

I would love to see Carly in action on the hippity hop!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

My kids did those hippity hop balls in pe one day and they could not walk the next day their legs were so sore... its pretty good leg exercise!!

Melinda said...

We have a track meet for the end of year fun. It is big business around here. That ball is hilarious and way to go Carly!

Shar said...

I wonder if any colleges give hippity hop scholarships. How awesome would that be?

Yay for Carly's blue ribbons! Go Carly!

Natasha said...

That Hippity Hop pic of Carly is AWESOME!!