Thursday, June 18

big smiles from camp

{photos from camp website}
as hot as it is here, I'm thinking that any opportunity
to play in the water will make her smile!


linda said...

What a cutie!

KS...I bought a new camera! Canon Rebel XSI. So far so good. Now if I could just learn to take those great shots like you I'd be happy!

Mandy said...

If it's as hot as it is here...the water is the ONLY PLACE to be!

Have fun at camp, Carly!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

is this camp website full of pictures or is carly just lucky this week with so many pics??

Kim Sue said...

there are lots of pictures but Carly did seem to have more than her share of good ones...although no pictures today but I didn't see any pictures of the kids in her group

Jill said...

I was wondering the same thing Kacey asked. It must have been exciting to see so many great pictures of Carly when you checked the site each day.

Libba said...

what age do you have to be to start going to this camp? would love for john camp to go sometime!