Saturday, June 6

dc: day three

{We started another gorgeous morning on the National Mall - besides getting drenched the first day, our weather was unbelievable. The view of the capitol on one side and the washington monument on the other were fabulous. It was interesting to us that it was sandy gravel around the mall rather than a paved sidewalk}
{First stop was the Smithsonian Castle - the original Smithsonian building. It is a gorgeous building but it felt a little underutilized. There was this fun exhibit set up in the lobby from the Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian movie that Carly thought was fun.}
{on to the Air and Space favorite part was the magnitude of the planes that they had hanging all over the building. Carly wanted to see Amelia Earhart's plane because of the movie. Disappointingly they had that area blocked off for maintenance but we were able to see her little red plane over the partition.}
{We went back down to the Tidal Basin to catch a couple of monuments that we missed the day before including FDR's. It was not what I expected and it was a little chaotic due to a big tour of teenagers. That might have taken away from what I am sure is suppose to be a serene memorial. Carly liked the water fall fountains and seeing Roosevelt's statue with his dog Fala because we had talked a lot about him before our trip.} {I did however love the Korean War Memorial which prior to reading about this trip, I had never heard anything about. I'm so glad we made another trip down and searched it out. It was well worth it.}
{Our one picture of all four of us together. Since we were back in the Lincoln Memorial area we decided to grab another look and see if they had taken down all the barricades from the day before. They hadn't. But, we did get a good photo opt.}
{Next up, Museum of Natural History. Fatigue and trying to squeeze so much into a short amount of time probably prevented us from truly enjoying all this museum has to offer. We saw the Hope Diamond, the dinosaurs, the whale and one of Carly's favorites the giant squid. We also caught Tarantula feeding time even though the spider was not interested in the volunteer (a cricket).}

{hands down my favorite was our trip out to Arlington Cemetery - the grounds are serene, the views of the city are beautiful, the history is so interesting. It says pride, dedication, honor, respect. We saw the flame at JFK's burial site and the Arlington House - Robert E.Lee's home and learned more about the story behind Arlington Cemetery. We experienced the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which words can not describe. Then we got a special treat of seeing the guards lower and fold the flag for the evening.}


Tater Mama said...

Oh, my goodness! Your pictures are giving me DC fever! The last picture sends chills down my spine. When we went several years ago, we toured Arlington on our last day, and it was well below freezing with an unforgiving wind. We waiting for the changing of the guard, and though I've always respected the men who stand watch, I had a greater appreciation for them having experienced the extreme weather in which they do it. The ritual they perform in changing the guard, and the respect and honor they bestow upon the soldier who rests under their watch absolutely brought me to my knees.

Kudos to you for taking Carly to Washington as a young girl! Had I gone when I was her age (or around there), maybe I would've paid more attention to and have a better appreciation for history. :)

Keetha Broyles said...

I had the same sense of disappointment in the Smithsonian Castle building - - - from the outside it is totally fascinating, then inside - - - - not much there.

The last time I was there they DID have the Anakin's "pod racer" from one of the Star Wars movies - - - that was cool.

lelly said...

we saw the Korean War Memorial in march, and it stunned me when i came around from the back side and looked into those faces.

Jen said...

such a great trip! i love these pictures. and how awesome that carly gets to see this while she's so young. it's still on my to-do list. especially arlington.

i definitely need to get out there. seeing these pics makes me wonder why we ended up choosing ALASKA over dc!!! :)

linda said...

With all of your gorgeous photos, I'm wanting to take another DC trip soon!

Have I asked you before about what camera you use? Your pictures are always so beautiful and vivid.

Jill said...

I noticed the gravel right away in that picture and wondered about it, strange.

The kids and I just saw Night at the Museum 2 yesterday, so I recognized Archie Bunker's throne right away. How fun for Carly to get to see that.

That picture of the 4 of you is great!

Natasha said...

The cemetery was one of my favorites too and was Griffin's absolute favorite. He has a picture of the tomb of the unknown on his bulletin board still.

Robyn said...

What a cool trip! I love that seeing the movie made Carly more interested in the sites.

It seems wherever I go, something is under construction... St. Paul's cathedral, Notre Dame, etc. It's always disappointing! Too bad you couldn't see the planes.

I like the flag photos. I get all choked up about anything patriotic.