Sunday, June 7

dc:day five

{our last morning in DC before catching our plane. Carly and I decided to go to the Spy Museum while Mom and Kacey went to Ford's Theater. We had some extra time before the museum opened so we were sitting on some steps and I talked Carly into a picture or two.}
{We really enjoyed the museum. it has been set up and designed to grab your attention and pull you into it. It made me want to read some about Cold War spies. Carly liked the fake ventilation crawl space that you could look through the vents and spy on others. She was more interested in the section of the museum that had old spy equipment like a lipstick gun, hidden microphones/camera, or the car with compartments for smuggling spies across borders. I really liked the sections with more history.}
{we tried one more time to go to the Eastern Market. This time it was open but not what we had pictured. It was a wonderful neighborhood market with fish, meat, produce but all food no flea market vendors or craftsman vendors. Oh well.} {time to go home. Carly had her own money that she could buy some souvenirs. I did veto a couple of things that i knew would only become clutter as soon as they made it home. She did buy a set of Jackie Kennedy paper dolls but this is what she wanted - a webkin. I told her that if she got it that she had to name it something to remind her that she got it in Washington. She came up with Kennedy. Carly took this picture of Kennedy in the airplane seat on the way home.}


Dawn said...

I have enjoyed reading about your trip. What fun y'all must of had. I want to go one day and take Mason.

Your pictures are great.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend!


Celeste said...


Melinda said...

How fun to see the familiar photos of the trip I just got to take. I am sad we didn't get to see Mt. Vernon. I really wanted to go but didn't have enough time.

Jill said...

The Spy Museum sounds pretty cool.

I love it that you had Carly name her Webkinz something that would remind her of where she got it. Whitney would want a Webkinz for a souvenir too, so I should keep this in mind. She actually got one last week when we went to the mall here in Chicago, but I didn't think of suggesting a pertinent name. I'll have to see if she's up to renaming it.

Natasha said...

Luci and Griffin got Webkinz when we went to santa Fe in April - but Luci named hers "Louis" for "Louisiana" and I forgot what Griffin named his. They always want a Webkinz when we go to Disney World too, isn't that nuts?!