Monday, July 27


{Mom and Dad got a new cat. They live in the country, surrounded by fields. They typically have an outside cat. You could call her a barn cat but they don't have a barn - more like a shop cat or a utility room cat. Carly became attached and named her "Alley". When I called to say we were on the way. She asked me what TIME was I getting there. I asked her did she have some other plans. She told me no that she was just excited about me meeting Alley.}


Keetha said...

Does this mean you'll have a new pet at home now??

Jill said...

I love it that she named her "Alley", that's funny and endearing.

Anonymous said...

That Alley Cat has been looking all over for Carly Poo,she will not be quiet til someone picks her up.Reckon she got a little spoiled,between you and Aunt Kacey.Love you guys,G'daddy and Buck