Monday, July 6

carly-daddy time

Last week {when Carly was home for a couple of days}, she and Kenny spent the afternoon together. I took her to meet him at the golf course so they could hit some balls. It had been a while since they had done that. I think they both had a good time. Not to mention the icees they had on the way home!


Keetha Broyles said...

I misread your title "Carly CADDY Time" in my follow list - - - but hey, my title works too!!!

Fun times.

Jill said...

She's a lucky girl, she's always doing something fun. I've never ridden in a golf cart before!

Shar said...

That is Brett's favorite thing to do with his dad too!

Now Kenny just needs to let her drive the golf cart, and she'll be in heaven!

Natasha said...

Looks like some good quality time!