Thursday, July 30

daddy daycare

Kenny spent yesterday at home with the girls while I was at work. Carly had her friend Miss MM over for the day. Her mom dropped her off about 9:00 and picked her up about 5:00. They spent the day at the house playing. I asked Carly what they did, and she said "just about everything". They rode bikes, rollerblades & green machine, played frisbee, played Wii, watched a movie, and made Jiffy Pop on the stove top {a first for both of them}. They ordered a pizza for lunch and when I got home the 3 of them were playing Mario Kart.


patsy said...

Dads rock!

Jill said...

How funny that Kenny was playing Mario Kart with them, that's something I NEVER do!!

Natasha said...

How fun! Kim is staying home with Luci and Griffin next Tuesday and I am interested to see how it goes. BTW, she keeps asking me to ask you if you do Vital Stim (she does)? I don't her I did not think so and I think you work primarily with children but I could be wrong?