Saturday, July 11

letter from home

Dear Carly,
It is time to come home now. I know you are having fun this week on vacation with your friend. I can't wait to see your pictures of all the fun you had over in east Tennessee. But, I miss you.
You have already had an amazing summer for a 9 year old. You have spent lots of time with friends, you went on vacation to Washington D.C., you have spent time with both of your grandparents, you went to summer camp, you had a wonderful 4th of July, and now you are off seeing new things with a friend. You have been gone SO much.
Daddy and I have enjoyed some time by ourselves. We have spent quality time together that was all about us. We have gotten into a routine around here that reminds me of our life before we had you. We have cooked out, watched movies, spent time with friends, and gotten on each other's nerves. We are ready for you to come home now!
I know it is just home - no friends, no horses, no swimming pool, no grandaddy's office, no boat, no cooking with Nonna or MamMam, no cookouts, no creeks, and it isn't the White House. But, mom and dad are here {and gabby} and we are ready for you to be here.
So, here's the deal. Next week, you get us. You get us all week. You get to go to work with us. You get to help with dinner. You get to snuggle up and watch a movie and eat popcorn. You get to play Wii with dad and help in the yard. You get to read with me and play cards. You get to love on Gabby and feed her breakfast every morning. You get to swing on your rope swing and ride your bike in the cove. You get to sleep in your bed all week. Deal?
So, go ahead and enjoy your last couple of days with your friend. Make the most of seeing the gorgeous scenery and having fun on vacation. Next week is "at home-week". And personally, I can't wait!
. I love you very, very much, Mom


Jill said...

She has seriously had an amazing summer so far, wow! Hopefully it will be a nice break to be home again.

Heather said...

My eyes watered reading it. The amount of love you have for that girl is beautiful.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

This is great! Can I come enjoy "at home-week" with you?

I truly loved this letter and the pictures are perfect, what a darling girl.

Celeste said...

I sure did enjoy my days with her! can't wait to do it again.

lelly said...

awesome letter!
i need the opportunity to write this letter to jack (if you know what i mean...)

ah. summer.
carly is a lucky girl.