Thursday, August 27

hitting the courts

Yesterday, Carly's friend Miss MM came home with us from school.
We went to the house for them to change clothes and have a snack.
That took an hour...what were they doing?
We went to the park for the girls to play a little tennis.
They had a good time and possibly would have had more
if it hadn't been so HOT!
Carly told her dad that they only played for a little while.
She was surprised when I told her they had played for an hour.
When they were done, they still wanted to go over to the playground.
So much better way to spend the afternoon
than glued to the Disney Channel!


lelly said...

jack is on pins and needles waiting for his soccer coach assignment. i am excited as well, though not for the number of weeks we will swelter in the grass until it cools off!!

Kim Sue said...

Hey Lelly - we are waiting to hear about soccer too. And I agree, the first few weeks of soccer are miserably HOT!

Jill said...

I agree with you that it's a great way for them to spend their time, but did it mean you were melting nearby with a book? If so, you're way nicer than I am.

patsy said...

that is better than the disney channel!!

I can't wait for the fall weather- even if it does mean winter is on it's way.

Melinda said...

We love playing tennis over here. We aren't close to a court so Blake and I just play in the street hitting back and forth. I think anything is better than the disney channel!

A Happy Heart Blog said...

I love the photo of the girls walking! What a great day and activity!

Dawn said...

I have always wanted to learn how to play tennis. Does Carly give lessons?? :)