Wednesday, August 5

what a summer!

School starts in one week. Carly found out who her teacher is today and the other kids in her room. It's not a surprise, but she got the teacher she was wishing for. One year, she is going to be real disappointed that she doesn't get the teacher she far she's batting a 100%.
Right now she is with Nonna having her last hoorah. Next Wednesday, she will be going to school for her first full day of 4th grade! If you ask Carly about 4th grade, she will tell you that 4th graders are upstairs and she gets a locker! {priorities!}


Doodle Bugs Paper said...

and if you ask me... 4th grade means LONG DIVISION!!!

Jill said...

How fortunate that she always gets the teachers she wants! We had high hopes for a certain teacher for Landon this year, but he didn't get her. We don't know anything about the teacher he got, so it's not that we have anything against her, we just really like this other teacher. Oh well.

linda said...

Yay for 4th grade...and lockers!