Saturday, September 26

afternoon in oxford

{Ginny and I spent 2 days in Oxford at a speech pathology conference. We learned some new stuff and finished up our continuing education hours for the year, so I guess we rewarded ourselves with a little play time}
{We went to the square and ate lunch at a really neat place called Bottletree Bakery. I had a pastrami on rye panini with comeback sauce. Yes I think that is about as Jewish, Italian and Southern as you can get. Somehow it worked, it was delish. The decorations were eclectic, the food was yummy, and the counter was very tempting!}

{It was a rainy day and it could have ruined our little playtime. But we didn't let it. We dropped into a few shops including a bath shop. I should have taken a photo, but unless it was scratch and sniff it wouldn't have done the little shop justice. We went into a little kitchen shop that had lots of pottery and this sign at the door. I would like to go down on record that I showed GREAT restraint. I mean, come on, pottery AND ice cream sandwiches!}

{Then we spent lots of time wandering around Square Books. Ginny and I each bought a book. She bought a humor/mystery by a Mississippi author which title and author both escape me right now. But, she said she would share with me when she finishes. I bought The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. We even went out on the balcony and wished of some more time to hang out with a book and listen to the rain


Natasha said...

Continuing ed trips are the best - especially since all the fun is tax deductible!

Jill said...

This looks like such a great day. I would be excited about any ice cream sandwich as big as my head!

Anonymous said...

I love any kind of getaway. What fun! I especially like the book store.

Alisa said...

It all looks dreamy- I am curious about the conference you went to.