Sunday, October 25

3 days down

The way we calculate it, we have 28 to 42 days of recovery time.
Today we finished up day 3. I'm exhausted.
We have:
  • had visitors
  • received good mail from cousin JC
  • talked on the phone

  • made whole tray of these super cute yarn pumpkins
  • Wii playing
  • TV watching
  • Reading
  • Coloring
  • Thank you notes written

  • Snacks {does extra calcium really help?}
  • Pen Pal note written
  • Homework finished
  • Book report worked on
  • Games on my phone
  • Texting

  • board games
  • new card game learned
  • new magazine
  • sudoku puzzle worked
  • words found


Doodle Bugs Paper said...

I love those pumpkins. Mom made them in art this week and they turned out cute!

Looks like she is just jumping from the chair, recliner, couch...

Kim Sue said...

the only position I didn't get a picture of was in my bed eating breakfast in bed and watching a movie!

lelly said...

hang in there, girls! hope you find enough fun/educational/relaxing activities to stave off the stir-crazies!

Melinda said...

Oh, poor Carly! That is such a bummer. I hope she is feeling okay. I am loving those yarn pumpkins. Can you walk us through how you made them? My girls would love to learn something like that.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Mama! Love to both of you...G'Daddy and Mam-Mam

Keetha said...

Poor thing! Poor you! Sounds like you'll both have your hands full. Here's hoping she heals up and the time goes by quickly.

Celeste said...


a happy heart blog. said...

Way to keep her busy! Those pumpkins are so so so cute!

Kim Sue said...

here is the link to the directions for the little yarn pumpkins

Jill said...

Reading might be the best recovery-time activity of all.