Sunday, November 15

bouncy balls

Carly has been a little obsessed with bouncy balls lately. She recently gathered every ball she could find in her room and put them in a special bag and started calling it her bouncy ball "collection".
Last weekend, Aunt Kacy was here. Carly was showing off her collection. Aunt Kacey announced that she had a bouncy ball "collection" when she was Carly's age. She told Carly that she had a great game for her to play with them. She needed some containers, sticky notes, and a pencil.
They headed to the entry hall to set up the containers, label them with the correct point value, and to develop a variety of other scoring rules such as "if the crazy purple ball goes in a container it is twice the points". Since the initial lesson there have been many bouncy ball games. There have been changes in rules, scoring, containers and participants.
I didn't get a picture of Aunt Kacey and Carly, but the other night, Carly's friend Miss MM spent the night.
And guess what they ended up playing...bouncy balls!


lelly said...

i bet jack could find 27 bouncy balls if i asked him to go looking.

i'm kind of afraid to tell them there could be games involved :)

isn't it funny what they will play with?

Dawn said...

I love it!! Good times for Carly and Miss MM.

Jill said...

We have bouncy balls tucked in drawers all over the house, but they have never been used for a structured, creative game like this before.