Saturday, December 5

girls only!

Countdown Box....Day 3
New Christmas T-shirt
Countdown Box....Day 4
Paint Nails with crazy blue polish
All to be ready for the
3rd Annual Girlfriend Christmas Party

Wow, they are growing up too fast. This year there was less out-of-control silliness. This year 2 hours flew by because they didn't need me for constant supervision and guidance.

The ipod came out so they could control the music. Less Christmas tunes and more Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. At one point, I saw a conga line come through the room.

They made super cute button trees! After much thought and changing her mind many times, Carly finally chose dogs-in-a-blanket, cheese puffs, and grapes/pineapple for dinner. But, dessert by far won out over the meal. When they asked, what they were having for dessert. Carly said you will just have to wait and see. It is the best dessert ever.
They had chocolate fondue. And obviously none of them have experienced fondue before because they think I invented the best new dessert. In fact, after the first couple of dips, it was said that "Ms Kim Sue, you rock". I hated to tell them that fondue has been around a couple of years. In fact, mom let us borrow her fondue pot that she got in the early 70's.


Jill said...

That's just too cute that they thought you invented the coolest dessert ever.

Carly and her friends are so adorable. I would have loved having a party like this as a kid!

libba said...

you're so fun, kim sue! great ideas! i know they had a blast.

Celeste said...


Lisa Melton said...

I love this idea!! I may have to steal another great idea from you! Anne Craig loves chocolate and it's actually her favorite food item. I wonder if I introduce her to chocolate fondu she'd consider brocolli!! Hey, it's worth a try!

Melinda said...

THis is such a cute idea! I really need to think outside of the box and do things like this.

Keetha said...

I love the button trees AND that you're single-handedly bringing fondue back. :-)

Shar said...

I love your countdown box and LOVE the button trees. How fun for all the girls!

Natasha said...

Luci would love this! Griffin's class had a fondue fountain at their Christmas party and I wish I had been there to see him enjoy-- I sent Kim to that party!