Tuesday, January 12

boot independence day

On December 22nd, better known now as boot independence day, we went back for Carly's 4th orthopedic appointment.
**First appointment was on the night of October 30th to find out that she had broken her foot. **2nd visit was one week later, after the swelling went down, to have a cast put on. **Then on November 30th, we returned for the 3rd visit, with our fingers crossed hoping that the cast had done its job and it had healed up all nicely. Only to leave that appointment with the boot back on for 3 more weeks!
So, after 8 1/2 weeks, we were ALL very excited when the orthopedist said it was time for her to start bearing weight! Yippee!!
Carly became very full of herself once she found out she was free of that boot. She had several things she wanted to do including shop at Swoozie's and eat lunch at La Siesta. We were all so excited and relieved that we were very accommodating. Miss MM, who was along for the ride, thought she had hit the jackpot.
When we got to Swoozie's there was this bench out front. I asked them to sit by the reindeer and let me get a picture. Carly plopped down held up her feet and said "hey mom, look, 2 shoes".
I needed to make a little Christmas purchase {by myself} so I sent Kenny down the sidewalk with the girls. After putting my purchase in the car, I tracked them down here.....

Ice Cream at 10:00 in the morning. I told you Miss MM thought she had hit the jackpot. Sorry Edmund. We will blame Kenny. Carly frequently chooses sorbet's {I probably should learn how to make those}. Then they got into a heated checkers match. Miss MM had never played checkers before so Carly initially had the edge until Mr. Kenny teamed up with Miss MM. I think we were there until almost 11:00.

By the time we made it back to our side of town, it was time for lunch. And since it had turned into Carly's day, we ate at La Siesta. After lunch, Kenny had to go to work and girls and I went back to house where the girls tried out several activities minus the boot including rope swinging and riding bicycles. It was a good day!


Today when I picked Carly up from school, she jumped into the car all smiles and said "guess what I did today?" I guessed a couple of times and then she got exasperated with me. "No mom, I played 4-square". It didn't seem to be a reason for such excitement. Then she said, "do you realize, when the last time I got to play 4 square was?" That's when it hit me. This is the first outside recess they have had since the Christmas break and before that she couldn't play because of her foot. "That's right mom, OCTOBER!"


Dawn said...

I just love your blogs! Carly is just precious. I know that you and Kenny are so proud of her! Congrats to her getting to play 4-square AND making honor roll! YAY Carly!

linda said...

I'm experiencing now what Carly just went through. I'm on week 6 and hope and pray that by week 8 I'll be able to walk normal again. Per the doctor, I'm putting pressure on it as tolerated but boy is my ankle killing me right now. Guess I need to wait until the 8 week mark before I go whole hog!

So glad Carly got to play 4 square today!

Tater Mama said...

Hooray for Carly and her newfound freedom!

Love the picture by the sculpture! Aren't those fun to look at? When we go to that mall, Tater Tot wants to go to each one and say "Hello!"

Jill said...

Hooray! I bet she'll never take her healthy legs for granted again!

Landon got his cast off his arm on Sunday after just 5 weeks. He was giddy to be able to shower without a garbage bag tied around his arm.