Friday, January 1

christmas sugar cookies

Christmas eve afternoon included cookie making.
Earlier in December, Carly went to a cookie decorating party at a friend's house so I asked her did she want to skip the sugar cookies this year. I think she was slightly offended that I even suggested it. She was also insistent that we wait until later in the day so everyone would be there!
It was cold and rainy. A perfect activity to fill the afternoon.
Just like Carly wanted, we got everyone involved. Mom and Dad arrived. The bank closed at lunch so Kenny got home early. I bought a couple of different cookie cutter shapes to add to the selection - a cross and a stocking. I think the star and tree were the most popular this year. Next year I need to check into widening our color options. Although toward the end Carly and mom had collaborated on a purple stocking.


patsy said...

I love that Carly wanted everyone to be involved!

they look yummy

I bought some storage for my blog today- $5 a year for 20 GB- easy & cheep- totally worth it.

Keetha Broyles said...

They look really yummy - - - y'all are experts!

Natasha said...

Love that colorful cross!!

Anonymous said...

We had lots of fun! Next year we may add gingerbread cookies. LU Mam-Mam

Jill said...

I'm glad Carly still wanted to make cookies, who wouldn't really?

We didn't end up making them this year! I really didn't do any Christmas baking. I'm so bummed about it that I may need to do some New Year's baking instead.