Saturday, February 27

shooting hoops

It's that time again. Basketball time.
Carly's 3rd-4th grade basketball team played their first game on Thursday. She was ready when practice started to get back to playing. She really hasn't done anything since October {and the broken foot}.
Neither of these is a good picture {my goal this year, to get a few good basketball shots. I think I will have to use a tripod?} but good documentation of the game. Carly jumped for the jump ball to start the game. No one had ever explained to her what she was suppose to do, like aim it toward a team mate. She just spiked it like a volleyball! If a player from the other team had not got in the way it would have gone out under the goal!
Carly is tall right now in comparison to the other players so she played in the paint and down on the blocks. She scored 9 points but had a lot of good attempts but she was just so excited that most were shot too hard.
Looking forward to a great season!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures...LU Mama

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

I think I might try to come in two weeks - the Thursday before Spring Break if that is okay with yall??

And I am so happy you are back to blogging (not that I can talk!!!) but I miss seeing what yall are up to when you don't post on a regular basis.

Amy said...

Good luck to Carly on the upcoming season!

Natasha said...

Luci is a shrimp (compared to her b-ball team mates)so Carly is lucky she's taller!

Your pics sure beat mine in the gym!