Saturday, February 6

today is going to be a good good day

happy birthday donuts
{seriously it was an act of love since there is no donut shop in town anymore. The grocery store doesn't put theirs out until after 7:00 which is too late and Walmart's shelf was empty too? Next time I will be more prepared for traditional birthday donuts!}
cards from mom and dad
{mine played "you are my sunshine" which I wake her up with every morning and
Kenny's came with a big box of Sour Patch Kids}
in car line, Carly came out loaded down with
balloons from mom & dad, cards & gifts from friends and her teacher
At school: Carly had a "lunchable" in her lunchbox. Her traditional school lunch on her birthday. It is the only one she has all year and she thinks it is such a treat?? We didn't talk about it this year so she was surprised {she thought I had forgotten}. She also took chocolate chip cookie brownies for her classmates, teacher and the principal {who shares her birthday}.
after an afternoon getting her ears pierced,
running the battery completely down on my phone by talking and texting everyone,
eating taco salad for birthday supper,
she opened tons good mail!!!
[Aunt Kacey, Uncle Rocky, Aunt Libba, Uncle Beege, JC, Nonna, D, MamMam, G'daddy, Finn]

including her traditional card from MamMam & Gdaddy with this year's "10" dollars She is looking forward to seeing them next week.

. Nonna and D's card with snack money for when she goes to the Morgan Keegan Professional Tennis Championship in a couple of weeks Carly is so excited she will be seeing Oudin play!

. Uncle Beege, Aunt Libba and JC sent good mail last week and there was no stopping Carly from opening it early. They sent a super cute cloth purse with a peace sign. She loves it.

Kenny and I gave her a new tennis outfit and some private tennis lessons

She had the first one Wednesday. Even though it was so COLD she loved it!

Happy 10th Birthday Carly Bug!


Celeste said...


linda said...

Looks like Carly was showered with lots of love on her first double digit birthday! How fun!

Melinda said...

That tennis outfit is so cute. How fun to get spoiled on your birthday. She sure is a cute girl!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! Looks like she had an amazing day...well deserved, of course!

Keetha said...

What a great birthday!

Jill said...

This looks like a seriously great 10th birthday!

Whitney begs me to buy lunchables, but I refuse, perhaps I will get them for her birthday lunch as well.