Tuesday, March 23

little spring teasers

{glimpses of spring. one day it is sunny and in the 60's. next it is drizzling and in the 40's. makes us enjoy those little teasers! carly and miss mm were outside soaking it up. their idea for snack, an icee from walmart. crazy. my idea, sprite floats with rainbow sherbet. they were appeased.}


Jill said...

We've been experiencing the same spring teasers here. This morning is sunny and beautiful with snow flurries and 28 degrees!

Your float idea sounds yummy. Did you just happen to have that stuff on hand?

Lene said...

We have been having lovely weather...until today. We are dreary and rainy.

Melinda said...

We have been having the same thing here! I wish it would make up it's mind already!