Thursday, March 4

the perfect wintry activity

We have had a lot of wintry weather this year. We had wintry precipitation a few times including waking up one morning with 6 inches of pure snow. Enough days off school, that we are now having to make up a couple at the end of the year. We even broke a record for consecutive days of temperatures below freezing.
One cold, icy day that school was cancelled, I brought out a jigsaw puzzle. Carly and I spent the day in our pajamas puttering around the house. We worked on the puzzle throughout the day. We worked on it that night a little. The next morning with the fireplace roaring, we all gathered around and worked on it until we finished it.
And even though I love many things about the winter, I'm tired of it now. I'm ready for longer days full of blue skies, big fluffy clouds, sunshine, green grass, daffodils, weather warm enough to hang out with a book in the hammock. So come on Spring, I'm ready!


Anonymous said...

Me too...come on spring! LU, Mama

Keetha Broyles said...

As you've probably noticed on my blog - - - I LOVE jig saw puzzles. PART of the reason I do is when I was a child we too did them on snowy days.

Great snowy day activity, jammies and all!

Keetha Broyles said...

I just gave you a little bloggy love over at my place. It's not a tag - - - it's just to be enjoyed!!!

Jill said...

What a fun way to spend a snow day!

I'm sick of wintery weather too and am loving today's 60 degree, sunny weather!