Wednesday, August 11

can you believe it? 5th grade

{Carly didn't want to take a "before" picture,
this self portrait in the car was the best I could get}
{The first half-day seemed to go fine, although Carly said that listening to the teacher was stressful? She also informed me that I had homework as she passed me a big stack of forms to fill out.}
{After they finished their half day, a few friends came over to eat lunch.
Carly chose the menu - macaroni & cheese, chicken strips, and fruit.
She also wanted AnnOlivia cupcakes for dessert.} {I love that only 1 out of the 9 didn't wear their blue uniform shirt today. Do you think they planned that?}
{We had 2- 7th graders, 4- 5th graders, 2- 4th graders, and a 2nd grader.
Even though there is a wide range of ages, they all get along really well.
They all ended up playing hide 'n seek together - in the house!
The only downfall was it was too hot to play outside after they ate lunch (heat index 115).}
{They talked about their teachers and who was in their rooms. The 4th graders talked about their lockers because this is their first year for them to have lockers. They talked about what their teachers said. The older ones gave pointers to the younger ones. They exchanged locker numbers (so they can slip each other notes).They talked about the fact that the 7th graders had homework!}
{They laughed and giggled and squealed like only a group of girl-friends do.
What a way to kick off a new year!}


Anonymous said...

What a great start...I'm so glad Carly has such a good group of girl friends. We start tomorrow...yes it's going to be HOT! Hope all goes well for us too. LU to my 5th grader and to a SUPER Mom. Mama

Melinda said...

This is such a cute thing to do on the first day! We don't start for 2 weeks but we have a full day that first day. Your little goodie bags you handed are are so cute. Great idea.

Jill said...

You always do such fun things for Carly and her friends!

libba said...

so glad she had a great first day! cant believe it...5th grade?!

john camp loved the pencils yall sent...he's so proud they have his name on them. thank you!

Natasha said...

Looks like her year is off to a great start!