Sunday, September 5

is it bribery or reward?

At the beginning of summer,
Carly and I set a goal for her to practice guitar
twice a week during the weeks she would be home
(she was gone a lot) over the summer.
We counted up how many times that would be
and put beads in a bowl for her to earn through the summer.
Carly picked painting a piece of pottery at Mud Monkey as her reward.
During the last week of summer, she earned the last beads.
She reminded me then and numerous times since
that I said I would take her to Mud Monkey.
So we finally went on Saturday. She loves it.
She chose a plate to paint and I tried to visit with her without offering my input
(well at least not too much input!)
So until the next time I need to bribe her....I mean reward her.


Doodle Bugs Paper said...

she looks 15 in the top picture.

cute shirt and cute glasses!

Can't wait to see yall next weekend!

Natasha said...

Fun! We went to the Posh Paint Pub in Metairie Saturday and the kids each painted a plate and together did a bowl. I think activities like this are great rewards!

Anonymous said...

Love you Car! Mam-Mamm

Jill said...

that looks like a seriously fun reward/bribe!