Saturday, May 7

a whole lot of ROCK and roll

Carly's class took a field trip to a gravel mine.
We had perfect spring day.
So glad we got to enjoy it!
rocks, heavy equipment, machinery, and cool orange hard hats listening to the geologist that gave the tour {kudos to him for putting on an interesting,
well organized, and kid friendly tour)
watching work in progress Then for what might have been the highlight of the trip.
Climbing up this huge pile of rocks.
or maybe it was sliding down to the bottom?
Either way, they did it over and over again.
They gave them a big plastic bag and let them rock hunt.
Carly brought home a few but some kids had filled up that bag
and couldn't even carry them to the car!
I took 5 pictures of them sitting here (supposedly) posing.
This is the best one!
the whole gang - 5th grade 2011
hot, dirty, and tired from rocking and rolling!


Keetha Broyles said...

Very fun day - - - very fun post.

'Round the Back Forty we'd call that a gravel pit or a gravel quarry.

Anonymous said...

Great field trip! Mam-Mam

Melinda said...

This looks like this field trip could be the coolest one ever. My kids would kill to do something so fun.

Were praying for you.

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

at least the guy in charge was interesting.. otherwise I can imagine it would have been pretty boring.

my first graders would love to have climbed on the big rock pile.

we went to json yesterday to the children's museum. it was cool and the kids had a great time! and it was a beautiful day!

Celeste said...


Natasha said...

This is a great idea for a field trip, so different than the same old ones we do here. great pics of Carly too! She is adorable!